Poro is not just a lifestyle, it's a legacy. The brand is named after my grandmother who I was extremely close to and who raised me in Nigeria until the age of 5. Grandma Poro passed away shortly after I moved to Canada at 11 years old and we never got a chance to say goodbye.

Like many women from diverse backgrounds, my grandma was tremendously hardworking and industrious. She was a breadwinner and a matriarch. Grandma Poro ran multiple businesses and raised 6 children but never took the time for herself to indulge in life’s little luxuries. Always putting others before her, she never got the chance to truly live her best life. 

After moving to Canada, I discovered countless diverse women's stories closely mirrored my grandma's. I had to change that. 

Poro is a luxury lifestyle brand crafted to inspire hard working women from diverse backgrounds to truly live to the fullest, savour every moment, and enjoy life’s luxuries.

Poro is my grandmother’s legacy; What’s yours?

Helga Odatuwa

Founder, Poro


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